David Oyedepo Ministries International

Today is the expiry date of that generational curse in the mighty
name of Jesus!
You are walking in liberty from all generational curses today in
the name of Jesus!
Every power contending with your destiny is subdued by the
power of His Majesty in the name of Jesus!
The effect of generational curses in your life and family clears
off today in the name of Jesus!
Today marks the end of generational torture and torment in
Jesus’ name!
Every appointment with death is terminated today!
Every siege of lack and want in your life is over today in the
name of Jesus!
I see God's favour take you to higher realms in the name of
You will not lose your access to God’s leading!
Today, God will open your eyes to see clearly!
Your destiny will not crash!
I decree your liberty today!
For those who have partnered with God in pursuing and
gathering souls during this season, you shall have open rewards
in the name of Jesus!
You shall be enthroned, reigning with Jesus!
You shall be reigning over failure and frustration!
Listen: Your case may be hopeless or even buried, but God is
saying that He's bringing you out of the grave to glorify you

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