Anyone hunting after your life or your children’s goes in your
places in the name of Jesus!
You will never be stranded anymore in life in Jesus' name!
Everything of concern to you today is turned to a testimony!
Every financial struggle is lifted off your life in Jesus' name!
Today is your day of restoration!
This week is declared your week of breakthroughs!
Your story is changing now!
Every marital yoke is broken!
Before the season of the Midst of the Year is over, your story
would have changed forever in the name of Jesus!
Anyone reading this, believing God for children, is confirmed
pregnant this week in Jesus' name!
I release you as a sign and wonder to the world in the name
of Jesus!
God will change your story forever!
Whatever you have lost to the enemy is restored!
Your spiritual dignity is restored!
In this end-time, you will be part of the wonder God is
Receive your miracle job in the name of Jesus!