The following ranking is chiefly based on the results of the
2014 University Web Ranking amongst other
criteria as mentioned in the article.

The format for the ranking is given thus; #Private University
Ranking) Name of University, Abbreviation of the Name of
the university, (World Rank) - Country

10) Ashesi University, AU (6001) - Ghana
Established in 2002 by former Microsoft staff Patrick Awuah,
Ashesi University is presently Ghana’s best private
University and one of the top Ghanaian universities in
general. It is a private, secular, liberal arts college whose
mission is to train a new generation of ethical
entrepreneurial business leaders in Africa and to nurture
excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship. With an
academic program designed in collaboration with 24
professors from Swarthmore College, University of California,
Berkeley and University of Washington, Ashesi offers an
educational experience unlike anything else available in
Africa today. The first and only university from Ghana to
feature on this list, Ashesi University (AU) ranks 10th
amongst Africa’s best private universities
9) Landmark University, LU( 5758) - Nigeria
Founded in 2011 by Dr. David Oyedepo, Landmark
University is the youngest university on this list. The second
university founded after the highly reputed Covenant
University, the school is said to possible have Nigeria’s
largest private university campus, characterised by a cool
windy and friendly weather which supports the agrarian
mission of the university. With the historical best time for
ultra-modern infrastructure growth that rhymes and fosters
academic progressions in all disciplines, especially
agriculture; and the inherent attraction of international best-
rated scholars/academia who wield same visions and work
in oneness towards its advancement, the school has
surpassed expectations in just 3 years of its existence and
rightfully ranks 9th on this list.
The British University in Egypt, BUE (4930) - Egypt
The BUE is a private Egyptian University in El Sherouk,
Greater Cairo, Egypt. Established in 2005 the university
provides a British style of education and awards degrees
validated by its partner UK universities and the Egyptian
Supreme Council. The campus covers approximately acres
of land with about 27000 square metres space of modern
purpose built teaching facilities. BUE is not only an
educational institution but also a thriving academic, social
and cultural center with much to offer students of any age,
nationality or social background. BUE stands in 8th place
amongst Africa’s best private universities.

7) Madonna University, MU (4902) - Nigeria
Possibly Nigeria’s oldest private university, Madonna was
founded in 1999 in Okija, Anambra State. Considering the
university’s well-taught broad range of programs including
medicine, law and engineering courses, with modern
infrastructure and facilities, an impressive campus setting
and major collaborations with western institutions, the
university ranks in 7th place on this list.

6) Covenant University, CU (4755) - Nigeria
Founded in 2002 under the leadership of Dr. David Oyedepo,
Covenant University is a member of the Association of
Commonwealth Universities. It is presently Nigeria’s best
Private University and its 10th best overall. Inasmuch as
this university is just 12 years old, it is rightfully adjudged to
be the fastest growing Private University in Africa and
possibly the fastest growing tertiary institution. Known for
its pioneering accomplishments, the University flagged off
the first International Conference on African Development
Issues (ICADI) in May 2014, which hosted the likes of Prof.
Eric Maskins (Harvard) and Prof. Thomas Sargent (New
York University), both Nobel Laureates winners in 2007 and
2011 respectively. Interestingly, both professors of
Economics are expected to be part of its faculty by the
beginning of the 2014/2015 session. This is a very
significant development considering the fact that the entire
country can only boast of one Nobel Laureate who isn’t part
of any university’s faculty in the country at the time. In 2010
the school began to run with “Vision 10:2022; 1 of 10 in 10”
which is a short motto implying that they hope be ranked
amongst the world’s top 10 universities by 2022. With a
robust faculty base, cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities,
impactful research and top-notch collaborations with the
likes of MIT, University of Florida, McKinsey & Company etc.
It’s a no brainer that Covenant University has potential to
break the world’s top 10 universities’ list in a few years to
come (especially taking the National University of Singapore
(NUS) scenario as case study). Covenant holds the 6th spot
on our list.

5) United States International University, USIU (4667) –
Established originally as part of the USIU network of
Universities under the main body, Alliant International
University, USIU Kenya stands out as Africa’s 5th best
private university. Considering the major collaborations of
the USIU with major campuses in the west such as the
California Western University and Balboa University, the
university has remained one of Africa’s best.

4) Libyan International Medical University, LIMU (4073) -
In 4th place is the Libyan International Medical University
(LIMU). Founded in 2007, the university is reputed to have
one of the best medical schools on the continent. One of its
major points is its focus on international partnerships and
meeting the level of other international medical teaching
institutes. The teaching policy emulates those of many
established universities and is mainly problem-based

3) Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari
Boumediène, USTHB, (3753) - Algeria
Founded in 1979, USTHB IS Africa’s 3rd best private
university and Algeria’s best tertiary institution. Offering
programs covering mostly science and engineering courses,
the University was the largest university in Algeria until
2013; it has over 20,000 students and a robust faculty base.
With modern infrastructure and facilities, a commanding
campus presence and major collaborations with western
universities, especially those of their counterparts in France
and Canada, this university tightly holds on to the 3rd spot
on this list.

2) The German University in Cairo (2443) - Egypt
In 2nd Place is The German University in Cairo (GUC).
Established in 2002, and patroned by The State University of
Stuttgart and the State University of Ulm, The GUC is an
Independent and secular university that is situated in New
Cairo, Egypt. The University substantially contributes to the
intellectual and cultural life development of Egypt and
provides German liberal education to the students from all
socio-economic backgrounds in Egypt and other nations of
the world. With a robust faculty base, a strong mix of
international students and top-notch infrastructure and
facilities, this university clinches 2nd place amongst Africa’s
finest private universities.

1) The American University in Cairo (1104) - Egypt
At the top of the list is the American University in Cairo
(AUC). Founded in 1919 by American Mission in Egypt, a
Protestant mission sponsored by the United Presbyterian
Church of North America, AUC has grown to be the
strongest, high performing private university on the
continent. By employing the model of the American
university system managed by series “Presidents” (who
perform the functions of Vice-Chancellors), the school has
progressively advanced over the years. The 2013 QS World
University Rankings placed AUC as 348th in the World and
1st in Egypt. In 2013, the QS rankings also named the
School of Business as second best in Africa and the Middle
East and among the top 200 in the world.