Generally, women are giving and loving by nature and will bend over backwards to please their man. But, there are some things a man should NEVER ask his GF/Wife to do for him or accept from him.

1. Force Intimacy. NEVER, EVER blackmail, coerce, manipulate or force intimacy on your GF/Wife if she's ill, not in the mood, tired or asleep. It's disrespectful, insensitive and selfish. And depending on the woman, you may be opening yourself up to a world of trouble - relationship-wise and legal-wise.

2. Have A Baby Out-Of-Wedlock. First comes marriage - then comes the baby carriage. If you want to do the Daddy thing - then marry your GF FIRST. Why do you want her to enter the world of Single Motherhood? And how is she to know you're really going to marry her as promised?

3. Start A Family Too Soon. What's the rush? Wouldn't it be better to give the marriage time to settle in first? Stop pressuring your Wife to have a baby, before you two have adjusted to the whole idea of marriage. If she's not ready - she's not ready. In fact, marriage counselors advise putting off having a baby for at least 2-3 years, to allow young couples to strengthen their marriage bonds first, before becoming parents.

4. Tattoo Your Name On Her Body. Why? Is this your way of asking your GF/Wife to prove she loves you or, is it a way of 'marking your territory'? Either way, it's her body, she can do what she wants with it and, if she refuses to mark up her body, respect her decision.

5. Alter Her Appearance. Never pressure your GF/Wife to diet, dress a certain way or to get surgery. It’s her body, and she's in charge of it. If you don't appreciate her natural beauty, then you should look elsewhere for a woman to fulfill your fantasies. Leave her be.

6. Have An Abortion. You knew the risk when you laid down and did the horizontal mambo with your GF/Wife, without birth control. Now she's pregnant and you want her to have an abortion, because you're not ready or you can't afford a baby right now. If she resists, try and come up with some alternatives. If she still resists, Daddy-hood is now your cup of tea.

7. Do Drugs. Why ask your GF/Wife to do drugs with you? Better yet why are YOU doing drugs anyway? Asking her to do drugs with you is the height of stupidity. If you wanted a drug addict, why pick a woman who wasn't? And don't try to manipulate her with that ol' "If you loved me, you would!" mess. If she loves herself, it's best she exits stage left and leave you with a quickness. You're poison.

8. Have A Three-some. This is tricky. Some men count themselves lucky their GF/Wife agreed to a three-some. Others regret the day they even suggested it, when their GF/Wife ends up falling for the other woman and leaving the relationship/marriage. Three-somes, and all acts related, can open the door to all kinds of nasty consequences that can threaten or end your relationship/marriage. Best think twice before diving into these waters.

9. Make A S*x Tape. You may view making a s*x tape, as a way of spicing up your relationship but, if your GF/Wife is like "HELL NO!" - back off. She has very good reasons for not wanting to make a s*x tape that could fall into the wrong hands. And no sneaky taping either and posting it online. Depending on the woman, you could find yourself dragged into court and sued for harassment, invasion of privacy, criminal voyeurism or defamation of character.

10. Cosign On Your Car/Home Loan. If you're married, this is a reasonable request. But why ask your GF to put her credit on the line? If you break up, she'll be responsible for those payments, if you don't pay them. Plus, she can sue you in civil court for breach of contract, if she ends up making the payments.

11. Change Her Religious Beliefs. Religion is a very personal thing. If you wanted someone who would be 'equally yoked' to you, then you should have informed your GF of that fact, from the very beginning - not after a year or two, after she's fallen in love with you or married you. That's wrong, especially if you've given her the ultimatum of either changing over to your religion or going your separate ways.

12. Sacrifice Time Spent With Her Family/Friends. It is the height of selfishness to ask your GF/Wife to give up spending time with her family and friends. Do you expect her to spend all her free time with you? What if she asked you to do the same? How would you like it? Careful. This is a major sign of a control freak.

13. Act Dumb So You Can Feel Smarter. Why ask/expect your GF/Wife, directly or indirectly, to pretend she is less intelligent or less handy around the house, to make you happier? Didn't you say you wanted an independent woman, with a good head on her shoulders, who is capable of taking care of things on her own? Now that you have one, you're complaining? And men say women don't know what they want in a man.

14. Change Her Morals. You should respect your GF/Wife's morals even if you don’t share them. Urging her to break them, is doing her a disservice. You should like her for who she is, and shouldn’t try to change her. Her strong morals should be something you admire, not something you wish to change.

15. Give Up Her Dreams. If your GF/Wife has always wanted to be a teacher, don’t try to talk her into being a nurse or anything else. Don't put her in the position of having to choose between you and her dreams. You may come out on the losing end.

16. Stop Doing Things She Loves To Do. If you ask your GF/Wife to stop doing the things she loves to do - then be prepared to stop doing the things YOU love to do when SHE asks - because it's coming.

17. Put Up With Abusive Behavior From Your Family And Friends. It is YOUR job as a man to PROTECT your GF/Wife from ANY and ALL that insist on insulting, criticizing, or are otherwise abusing her, in your presence, including your family and friends. And you must be prepared to back up your words with actions. Tell your family and friends that they aren’t welcome, in your home, if they don't leave their abusive behavior at the door. If not, then be prepared to watch your GF/Wife walk out that same door, because she does not feel valued and protected by you.

18. Perform Exotic S*x Acts She's Uncomfortable Doing. There is more to a relationship than the s*xual aspect. If you truly love your GF/Wife, then it won't matter if she will or won't do it, so grow up and act like someone who is mature enough to enter into an adult relationship. Remember that she's a person, entitled to her own opinions on everything and shouldn't be held to the "If you love me - you would" school of thought, just because you're not getting what you want from her. If exotic s*x acts are that important to you, then maybe you should move on and leave her in peace.

19. Reveal Past S*xual History. If you're not prepared to bare all - then don't ask your GF/Wife to bare all. Besides, it's the past and none of your business. If you wanted a virgin, then you should have snagged one.

20. Accept You Behaving Badly. If you're one of those men who thinks that you can do what you want, because you're providing for the household - think again. Only a weak-minded, financially-dependent, worried-about-what-people-say-about-her type of GF/Wife will tolerate her man behaving badly. Strong-minded, financially independent, don't-give-a-damn-what-people-say-about-her GFs/Wives will kick you to the curb in a hot New York minute.

Your GF/Wife may be the love of your life but, it doesn’t grant you authority over the decisions she makes about her life or dictate how she lives her life.