@BankyW #‎SamsungNation‬ Giveaway. Win a ‪#‎SamsungGalaxyA3NG‬ and ‪#‎SamsungGalaxyA5NG‬

@BankyW will be giving away a ‪#‎SamsungGalaxyA3NG‬ on Feb. 19th & a‪#‎SamsungGalaxyA5NG‬ on Feb 20th on Twitter.
Interested? Just follow these 3 easy steps:
1. @samsungmobileng will generate a tweet at 11:59 am each day.
2. Retweet the @samsungmobileng 11:59am tweet btw 12pm-3pm each day; be creative & get your RT RT'ed.
3. The person with the highest RTs by 3pm WINs the smart phone!‪#‎GalaxyATweetBid‬
There you have it! Let's get started.
#GalaxyATweetBid ‪#‎BeOnTheAList‬