President Jonathan says if re-elected, he will tackle corruption in Nigeria using modern technology. The President said this while speaking at his campaign rally in Ibadan today. He said that even if he jails 5 million people for corruption, the problem will still persist but that with modern technology, corruption would be prevented. He said his govt is currently working on introducing the technology
"In terms of the number of people I have tried and jailed, maybe I would give you the statistics in my subsequent outings. We have tried more Nigerians. More Nigerians have been jailed within this period after passing through due process. And I used to tell people, even if I try 10 million Nigerians and Jail 5 million Nigerians for corruption, that does not solve the corruption problem.
So for you to solve corruption problems, you must use modern technologies to prevent people from stealing and that is what we are working on. The oil industry is a good area; we are working very hard. I just don’t want to say certain things, because some of these people have been given so much money, they would do everything to stop us. But I promise you that if you vote me and I come back to serve this country for the next four years, the day I would leave here, the next person that would come as the president of this country, people would not talk about corruption, because we are working on technologies and we would use technologies to block all these areas. Today we are talking about IT; we are no longer in the analog generation, so we must deploy IT to solve our human problems and I am promising that in the next four years, the next president, nobody would harass that president for not fighting corruption because I will solve the problem of corruption in this country"
Meanwhile, he promised to create 2 million jobs yearly if re-elected saying he will generate the job for unemployed youths in Nigeria